Patterns and Practices of Publishing Activities from Inside the EU – Experiences from Poland

A meeting for senior publishing executives from Poland and Ukraine

December 4, 2023 

Hosted by Polish Chamber of Books and SUPRR


The meeting is organized by the Polish Chamber of Books together with SUPRR and will bring Ukrainian and Polish publishers together to discuss what changes the Ukrainian publishing sector might want to undertake as it falls in line with EU practices.

We invite you for an overview of the pathways taken by the Polish publishing industry both before and after EU accession to see parallels and lessons to be shared with Ukrainian colleagues.



Patterns and practices of publishing activities from Europe – where would we like to go next in Poland?


On the way to EU accession and the transformation thereafter – legal issues, competition rules, taxes and business practice


The Power of Cooperation – can we act together on the book market? Promotion of reading: the state and NGO initiatives


Copyright law, licenses and contractual practice – Magdalena Dębowska, Executive Director, Karakter Publishers


The role of the media in the book sector and understanding of the book market – Piotr Dobrołęcki, book market analyst, journalist

our speakers


Publisher, Member of the PCB board and SUPRR

Sonia Draga

President of the Polish Chamber of Books

Grzegorz Boguta

nieoczywiste Publishers, Owner

Maria Deskur


Magdalena Dębowska

Executive Director, Karakter Publishers

Piotr Dobrołęcki

Book market analyst, journalist

Dr Frances Pinter

SUPRR Founder, Executive Chair of the Central European University Press

RSVP by November 28, 2023 to participate

The meeting will be held online, in Polish with Ukrainian translation. Participation is free of charge